Rum Ram

Rum! What a pleasant taste, what a nice bright amber color, the drink of the gods is finally ours-… Where is the Rum!? Where is the RUM!?

Suddenly all the rum has disappeared from the world and that drives everyone crazy. Mighty kings from the four corners of the earth are launching their best ship and they are prepared to ram their enemies in order to get their rum!

Get ready to Ram for Rum!

The demo is finally ready to download! Click below to download the game. 
When the download is completed, extract the file, open the folder, click the “RumRam.exe” and you are ready to go!
This demo is slightly improved from the demo that was available at AthensCon.
You will need 2 to 4 controllers to play the game as it is only for local multiplay.

Feel free to send us some feedback on our Facebook page.

Disclaimer: By downloading the Demo of Rum Ram you are accepting the NDA, that you are not allowed to upload it to any website or try to resell it. This version of Rum Ram is created by  Lucid Ferret team and it is free. 

Version 2.2