Nuts n’ Nuke

We took part in the Summer Game Jam of Unreal Engin 4 with the subject “That Escalated Quickly!” and the outcome was Nuts n’ Nuke!

A special thank you to our friends Tasos Rezu and Kostas Kolonias for their help to complete this project in the time limit of only 5 days. 

Two friends, Nuts and Nuke are out to collect some acorns for Nuts to pass his winter. Suddenly a sly fox steals some from them and… things escalated a bit quickly according to their reaction. 

This is a topdown twin stick shooter with funny dialogues and challenging gameplay. Unfortunately AI have some bugs and after long time they stop following you. Also we were planning to add voices to the dialogus but we did not had enough time to complete this. 

Help Nuts and Nuke to find the sly fox and let us know what you guys think!

*Disclaimer. It is a local co-op and you will need controller for the second player.