This story is about a little girl, living in a sweet home, growing up and playing with her best friend, her dog. One day, the girl accidentally breaks a ceramic pot, the last gift of her grandmother to her mother. Her sweet mother got really mad for the first time and yelled at her. Because of this uproar, the dog got scared and ran away from the house leaving the little girl alone for the first time.

Can the little girl explore the whole town and find her beloved friend?

Perspective is a Side-Scrolling Platformer that finds a little girl exploring the wicked side of her town for the first time in order to find her dog. At night time the town changes into a more evil place for the little girl as she is afraid of the darkness. Even the  things that looked nice in the beginning, changed to bad. This is happening because everyone has a different Perspective of the same things according to their past experience.

Jumping to get to new places, collecting a few coins, interacting with the environment and a strange poor beggar. Get enough coins to buy the poor beggar something to eat and progress along the right path that will eventually bring the dog back to you. If you follow the wrong path, the dog will never come back.

Are you ready to help a strange girl overcome her fears of the dark and the unknown?