Alex Eleftheriou
Alex Eleftheriou

I was in the lucky position to grow up with the generation of video games. I and my friends had a great time growing up while playing at the same time. We always dreamed of having our own company to make our own video games as we loved creating stories and discussing new mechanics etc.

Well, for some reason this dream faded away with time. I studied aboard and now I have a successful job as an engineer but, my passion for video games has never completely died. Although I found the job I studied for, something was missing. My old dream popped up in front of me again. I was reunited with the two friends I had had discussions with like the above, and now we are more than ready and passionately determined to achieve our dreams.

We are prepared to fail over and over until we finally make our dreams come true, that is, to make a successful video game the way we want it. Just like the old games we grew up with.

You can contact me at:   [email protected]

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